by Jackson C

Digital Digest brings you five things that have popped up on our Digital Team’s radar each week, everything from industry announcements, insights, cool DIY projects and music from field recordings of the Sydney Opera House.


1. Shop directly off YouTube Videos
YouTube will be rolling out TrueView for Shopping. TrueView are ad units which will allow “shopping cards” to be placed over relevant videos for direct buying. Those “haul” videos that every 16 year old girl shoots have become twice as deadly to your wallet.

2. New Australian social media stats are out. I, for one, welcome our new social media and mobile overlords
The 2015 Sensis Social Media Report is out, an Australian social report report using a sample size of over 50 people. Yeah! Social media browsing on mobile has completely taken over from desktop and we’re slowly shifting our online activities onto social, particularly in the news space.

Great reading for the whole family!

3. Mobile-optimised experiences and monetisation opportunities have opened for publishers on Facebook
Facebook introduced Instant Articles, allowing publishers to post directly on the platform. Content is optimised for mobile, providing a more seamless experience whilst users are browsing on the Facebook app. Publishers can also monetise their content on the social platform, either selling ads or using Facebook’s Audience Network for unsold inventory.

For the low down from the horse’s mouth, check out their media release.


4. The YouTube Top 10 Ads April Leaderboard

The month’s best brand YouTube videos, compiled here by Google.

5. Create a meal plan, along with recipes
I’m no dietingmealplannertypeguy, but thought this tool by eatthismuch was pretty darn neat & straight-forward. Simply put in your calorie intake and the desired number of meals throughout the day and it will generate a meal plan to help meet your goals. The kicker is that each meal also comes with recipes, instructions and a weekly grocery list to build it. Check out what it generated with my ideal “I-wanna-eat-everything-so-hungry” meal plan.

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