by Weber Shandwick Australia

One of the leading drivers of corporate reputation among consumers is how healthy a company’s products and services are for them, or how happy they make them feel. In fact, the degree to which products and services make individuals feel good or healthy surpasses their interest in a company’s specific corporate responsibility initiatives, sometimes by wide margins.

These are some of the findings from The Company behind the Brand II: In Goodness We Trust, the latest research into corporate reputation from Weber Shandwick conducted with KRC Research.

Based on interviews with consumers and senior executives in 21 global markets, the research shows that it is the personal, individual benefits of a product that are the prime consideration in driving consumers’ purchasing decisions. Almost half of consumers surveyed said they frequently discuss how healthy or good a specific product or service is, while the same amount are increasingly buying from companies that make them feel good.

At the corporate level, responsiveness is now a reputational mandate. The research highlights just how significantly a company’s responsiveness to issues and crisis can impact its integrity, credibility and trustworthiness. Responsiveness (88 percent) was considered more important in driving perceptions of a company than what the media says (76 per cent), what employees say (76 per cent) and what the company says about itself – whether that is on its website (68 per cent), what its leaders say (61 per cent) or what exists in its advertising (61 per cent).

Proactive reputation risk management has never been more critical than it is today — preparedness is a must, with a plan that ensures agility in mitigating and addressing issues and crises. Marketers should also be aware of the rise of personal and purpose communications and the emerging trend that their companies’ reputations are now influenced by the wellness and peace of mind that their goods deliver.

The Company behind the Brand II: In Goodness We Trust  provides guidance for leaders who want to know how to do business in an environment where consumers are not just purchasing their products of services on their own merits, but who are also shopping by company reputation, accountability and trustworthiness.

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