by Weber Shandwick

Approximately two million Australians with asthma live with avoidable symptoms but mistakenly think they have them under control. The condition is often not managed as effectively as possible and is often not discussed with healthcare professionals.

In late 2013 to early 2014, Weber Shandwick sought to change this. A campaign titled Live, Love, Play was launched and looked to challenge people with asthma to ask themselves “could I do better?” both in terms of managing their symptoms and in seeking advice from their doctors about appropriate treatment options.

Live, Love, Play, which was led by Asthma Australia (sponsored by AstraZeneca), took on an integrated approach, merging traditional media with innovative digital tactics and a paid media strategy.

To drive tangible behaviour change, and encourage people with asthma to do better with their symptoms, we created a relevant, engaging platform that would resonate and stimulate action.

The aim was to bring to life how uncontrolled asthma can impact peoples’ lives in the workplace (Live), in their relationships (Love) and during family time (Play). The campaign intended to both inspire people with asthma to reconsider how they manage their symptoms and engage with the influencers around them such as family, friends and colleagues.

An extensive suite of tailored materials was developed, including a bespoke consumer survey, tailored media releases, digital collateral and spokespeople across each of the Live, Love, Play streams to engage with the media and maximise the potential reach of the campaign. All digital elements were housed on the Asthma Australia website, including a specially designed interactive, motion infographic which took the audience through a journey across specific moments in their lives that could potentially be impacted by uncontrolled asthma.

The campaign was widely recognised, with high levels of engagement from the public, stakeholder groups and the media. In total, 12 million media impressions were created and over 70,000 people were reached directly on social media.

Engagement with digital content was high. The interactive infographic was viewed 3,512 times, and was shared broadly across Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the number of people who viewed the three Live, Love, Play videos on YouTube was 108 per cent over target.

Overall, Live, Love, Play resulted in a nine per cent increase in calls to Asthma Australia’s support service 1800ASTHMA, proving the campaign stimulated people with asthma to engage with professional advice services about their condition.

Furthermore, and following the success of the Live, Love, Play launch, Asthma Australia took the campaign outdoors into the advertising sphere through collaboration with Adshel. This added another element to the integrated campaign, and nearly doubled the amount of traffic to the Asthma Australia website (97,000 visits to the landing page in May compared to 57,000 the previous year).

Image credit: Asthma Australia and Adshel

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