The Consumer & Lifestyle team is made up of vibrant, global talent who work together to create innovative campaigns, drive demand and achieve unparalleled results.

We understand how to talk to Australian consumers and specialise in powerful storytelling to build brands.  Our approach is as much about fueling conversations to generate positive brand connections as it is about identifying the right medium for your brand story.   From product launches to events that sizzle, we put the consumer mindset at the centre of every opportunity.

And in a world where today’s consumer is constantly connected, we understand need to push PR beyond the edges of traditional media to reach them where they live, work and play.  One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is the long-term relationships we’ve developed with key media (both traditional and digital), who work closely with us to identify fresh, creative content.

Through a true collaborative spirit across practices, there is also a competitive advantage for client partners based on our strong knowledge of the legislative, environmental and scientific issues brands often encounter.

Spanning industries from Food and Beverage; Health and Wellness; Home and Lifestyle; Spirits and Wine; and Fashion and Beauty, the partnerships we develop with clients is the cornerstone of our success.