by Weber Shandwick

Recently, 20 regional communicators were catapulted into a world of disruptive thinking at the CMG Hothouse in Bali.

The Hothouse is a melting pot of thought-provoking discussion, inspirational ideas and hands-on learning for CMG communicators across Asia-Pacific.

Colleagues from multiple disciplines and agencies, including experiential marketing, digital advertising and PR (to name a few), came together to question and understand disruption.

Whilst in the Hothouse, we learnt that disruptive organisations drive change. They’re ahead of the curve, challenging both their category and competitors.

Our job as consultants is to help our clients anticipate the future of their company, brand or industry and not only keep them ahead of the curve, but help them to create it.

While we’re often told to think outside the box, in the Hothouse we were taught to recreate the box. And that’s exactly what we did.

Together we disrupted our own thinking, pushing brands into places and categories we didn’t even know existed.

We had the opportunity to listen intently and apply new knowledge immediately.

As PR professionals, we often look for the sweet spot or ‘incite’ that will take a campaign in multiple directions, without losing its purpose.

During the Hothouse team tasks, PR minds were clashed with brand strategists, and the ‘incite’ theory applied to companies and categories, not just campaigns.

The experience was a reminder that as consultants, we cannot afford to be still. We need to continue searching for new ways of thinking, challenge ideals and confidently educate our clients to do the same.

The CMG Hothouse is an annual program held in Jimbaran Bay, Bali. Now in its seventh year, the Hothouse provides an opportunity for some of the brightest minds across the region to come together and explore the hot topics impacting both brands and businesses.

The Hothouse alumni are now 140 strong, creating a unique network across CMG for communicators to collaborate with for years to come.

By Kate Fouracre, Account Director – Healthcare /  

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