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Weber Shandwick Sydney is both a winner and a giver this week. We are the proud winners of our global internal awards for being the most active office in providing pro bono support to community organisations. And we are proud to give the prize of $2,500 to our favourite causes.

This means that our community partners Autism Awareness Australia, Sir David Martin Foundation, RSPCA, United Way and White Ribbon will each receive $500.

Our team is passionate about the support we provide to these important causes and we are delighted that our ongoing PR support will now be supplemented by these surprise donations.

Weber Shandwick has an active global social impact program designed to help corporations, nonprofits and foundations to drive engagement on pressing social issues. Success in this area is rewarded annually with an internal award program, Making a Difference. Weber Shandwick Offices from around the world are invited to showcase the work they have done on behalf of pro-bono clients.  These are then hosted on our staff intranet for all employees to see, judge and vote! And like most things that involve a rewarding prize, it can get quite competitive.

At the heart of all our pro-bono work is a commitment to making an impact with key influencers, media and the public. Most recently we’ve been working hard to increase awareness for better autism support and funding in Australia as part of Global Autism Awareness Day.

Last year we helped the Sir David Martin Foundation increase registrations for its Abseil for Youth campaign by ten percent.  This was achieved by convincing boxing legend, Jeff Fenech, and professional athlete, Lauryn Eagle, to lead the plunge and help secure widespread media coverage in advance of the public abseiling event.

For United Way we developed a strategic messaging framework and stakeholder connection program. We also worked with ReadLearnSucceed ambassador, Dolly Parton to raise awareness of the issue of childhood illiteracy.

For a number of years we have also been helping raise awareness of White Ribbon Day’s campaign to end violence against women through an active media relations program.

And our most recent campaign for the RSPCA focused on informing people about the dangers of leaving dogs in cars via key consumer, regional and social media channels.

Each of these campaigns have allowed us to give our team the opportunity to work on projects they care about. And every opportunity to support causes that matter to our people and Australia’s future is a win as far as we’re concerned.

For more information on Weber Shandwick Sydney’s pro-bono campaigns; how we can Make A Difference to your business or any questions, please contact: Ava Lawler, Managing Director

Amanda Porter is a Senior Account Supervisor in the Consumer Practice. / @amandajp82

Image credit: Weber Shandwick

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