by Weber Shandwick

This week, Weber Shandwick launched its Asia Pacific Food Forward Trends Report, a study that gathers insights from experts and consumers from some of Asia Pacific’s most foodie-friendly countries. A key highlight from the report is the growing acceptance and penetration of international flavours in local culture.

Modern Australian cuisine can be described as a melting pot of cultural influences and while we take inspiration from countries all over the world, perhaps one of the strongest has been from our neighbouring countries in Asia.

While Asian food influences can be traced back as far as the mid-19th Century when many Chinese immigrants settled, today these flavour fusions and techniques are present on our plates every day. This flavour evolution has developed to see combinations like ramen burgers, sushi tacos and Korean inspired cuisine gracing our plates. It is apparent that our experimental approach to global flavours, particularly of Asian descent, continues to grow.

As one of the world’s leading PR agencies, we at Weber Shandwick consider it our mission to be at the forefront of trends that engage others and inspire our everyday thinking. First launched in Australia in 2011, the Food Forward Trends Report predicts the culinary trends shaping food experiences in this country. In 2014, the study was extended to include China, Korea and Singapore, drawing on insights from food experts and a survey of more than 3,200 consumers across the four markets. These findings were then cross-examined to identify the most significant disparities and similarities among food behaviour and drew comparisons to what is happening in the region.  We are thrilled that what began as a local initiative has now become a region-wide study, which can be shared among brands, retailers and consumers to inspire thinking about food culture in Asia Pacific.

From predicting online purchasing power to gauging the influence of international flavours, the importance of food origin to the relevance of celebrity endorsements, both expert insights and consumer survey responses in our Food Forward Trends Report suggest that the way we choose, purchase, prepare and share food experiences is being reshaped this year.

To see how, click the link to download the Asia Pacific Food Forward Trends Report 2014.

Click here for this year’s Australia Food Forward Report. 

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Written by Laura Beament, a Senior Account Director in our Consumer Lifestyle practice. / @LauraBeament

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