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Natalie Dagher is the Head of Production for Weber Shandwick Australia. She joined Weber Shandwick four years ago and in that time has seen the agency push boundaries to deliver engaging visual content for clients.

“I started my career in event management and then moved on to work in live video broadcasting. Today, I produce a wide range of assignments covering video, design, motion graphics and website / mobile app development. Working directly with our client teams, we bring content creation ideas to life that deliver solutions for client challenges,” explains Natalie.

Natalie’s team includes a web developer, a UX designer and a senior video producer. Her role encompasses trafficking the team’s time and working with client teams to develop concepts, determine feasibility, scope requirements, control budgets and produce all projects once signed off.

Diverse days and diverse work

“My main role is to act as a facilitator between the client teams and the studio and digital teams to ensure there is collaboration across the agency. I’ll start by getting involved in preliminary proposal discussions and determining feasibility of what the campaign team wants to achieve within a particular budget,” says Natalie.

Once the scope of work for a project is agreed, Natalie then manages all the logistics of bringing the project to life. “I’ll take care of planning timelines and booking the team’s time to take an on-paper concept into a fully-fleshed reality that meets the brief,” continues Natalie.

Natalie and her team work across all practices and where there is the opportunity, external clients too. This means that the nature of projects can be varied and diverse.

“One day we might be hiring actors for an awareness-raising video for a new drug or briefing a film crew in Japan to film a documentary with two of Australia’s best chefs. The next day, we can be building a website for a global hotel chain or be on location for above the line campaign photoshoots.”

Creatively solving client needs

In an ever-complex and converging media environment, the role of a public relations agency continues to evolve. By providing clients with a comprehensive range of content production services, Weber Shandwick is delivering on these client expectations. Working in an integrated environment bringing together client teams, digital strategists and content producers, Natalie and her team are critical to this expanded service offering.

Whether it’s developing video concepts, determining the best user journey through a website, or creating an audience-specific microsite, our team is bringing together technical expertise, production management and creative execution to ensure clients achieve their business goals.

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